If we buy a lot of clothes, it may not be for the pleasure of buying new things but because we end up getting tired of what we own or quickly run out of ideas for associations.

I’ve already given you a few tips for adopting 📑 a minimalist wardrobe without getting bored, today I’m offering you a concrete challenge to rediscover your clothes for a month. You can use this list whenever you’re in a slump, afraid of falling back into your old bad shopping habits, can’t appreciate your dressing room anymore… or simply on a daily basis to help you choose your outfit of the day!

The way this challenge works is simple: using what you have in your wardrobe, compose an outfit each day according to a theme or guideline. After a month, I hope this challenge will have enabled you to find new associations, rediscover previously shunned clothes, and put your closet back in order 😊.

For each challenge, I try to give alternatives so that as many people as possible can get involved. However, some of the challenges revolve around clothes labeled “feminine”, I’ve done my best to come up with inclusive ideas, but the so-called “masculine” wardrobe is a bit more limited.

Feel free to post your outfits on Instagram mentioning me 😃.

PS: I’d seen this challenge passed around on Instagram but couldn’t find the person who posted it, if you know any give me their names so I can credit them for the idea.

1 – Special partners

Wear two garments you’ve never worn together before (try to choose garments you’ve already had for a while – if you choose a recent piece you haven’t worn often yet, it’s less fun).

2 – On your head

Wear an outfit with a head covering, depending on the season and what you have on hand: beanie, cap, casual or dress hat…

Alternative: If you don’t have one at all, think about a similar type of accessory that you find hard to match or that you hardly ever wear. You can also think of a hair accessory such as a large headband, ribbon…

3 – The white T-shirt

Wear a plain white t-shirt and try to liven up your outfit.

Alternative: The equivalent of your white “t-shirt”, i.e. the hyper-basic t-shirt in your wardrobe (maybe it’s a black or gray t-shirt for you).

4 – The little black dress

Wear an outfit that revolves around “your little black dress” but creates a style or association you’re not used to: in short, create an outfit that’s not at all basic around a basic garment that’s easy to wear on its own. Here again, if you don’t have a little black dress, think about your go-to reference piece: maybe it’s a simple pair of well-cut pants, or a dress in a different shade that’s one of your basics.

5 – Color!

Today, create an outfit with the most colorful garment in your wardrobe. If it’s multicolored, even better!

6 – Business blue

Create an outfit around an item of clothing you categorize as “workwear” (blouse, classic pants, blazer…).

7 – Looking good in my jeans

Wear an outfit with your favorite jeans, trying as much as possible to combine pieces you don’t normally wear with jeans.

8 – The devil is in the accessories

Total focus on accessories: on a basic outfit, use and abuse accessories to make your outfit original. Jewelry, brooches, hats, scarves…

9 – Around the neck?

Well, no! Today, try using a scarf in a different way: as a top, as a belt, in the hair, to decorate a bag…

10 – Big day!

Today, try wearing an outfit you usually reserve for “ceremonies” or special occasions, like the dress or suit you wear to weddings. Ah, I didn’t say this challenge would be easy every day 😄.

11 – Never seen before

Wear an outfit you’ve never worn (or a garment you’ve never worn). If you haven’t, well done! Pick from one of the previous challenges, skip to the next, or dress by feel today.

12 – Make a good impression

Wear an outfit with a printed garment (if possible, one other than the one from challenge n°5).

13 – Black is black

Dress completely in black today!

14 – Weird

Wear a garment with unusual sleeves, collars or lapels (balloon or bat sleeves, cowl neck, shoulder cut-outs, printed lapels…).

15 – In the old pots

Create an outfit with the oldest garment in your wardrobe.

16 – Third sex

Loot a garment from someone of the opposite sex (or a gender you don’t identify with) for your outfit today. If this isn’t possible, think of a garment from a gender you wouldn’t normally identify with.

17 – Not nice

Wear an outfit with a garment in which you don’t feel very good, either visually or in terms of comfort. That said, this type of garment shouldn’t have a place in your wardrobe, so if you can’t make it into something cool today, if you still hate it so much, it’s time to get rid of it for your own good 😊.

18 – Simply the best

To counterbalance yesterday’s challenge, wear your favorite garment today!

19 – Roulez jeunesse

Today, create an outfit with your most recent wardrobe item.

20 – Second Hand

Wear an outfit with a garment you’ve acquired second-hand. It also counts if it’s something a loved one gave you.

21 – Start again

Find a recent photo of yourself, or think of a recent day, and wear exactly the same outfit as on that day.

22 – F… you

Today, wear an outfit that wouldn’t have been at all approved of by your parents, an ex, a former friend, your previous employer, and/or an outfit you’d never have dared wear before for fear of other people’s remarks or stares.

23 – Don’t we look good?

Wear the most comfortable clothes in your closet. If you’re feeling wild today, try pairing a sports outfit or one you usually hang out in at home with a casual outfit.

24 – Nature

Wear a garment or accessory that refers to a natural element: plants, flowers, animals…

25 – All colors

Wear an outfit without a single black, white or gray piece.

26 – As short as possible

Wear an outfit with the shortest garment (top or bottom) in your wardrobe.

27 – Size doesn’t matter

And of course, wear your longest garment today.

28 – Let’s make the most of it

Wear the most expensive item in your wardrobe.

29 – Layering

Today, wear a visible overlay: a short-sleeved t-shirt or top over a long-sleeved t-shirt, a skirt or dress over pants, a tank top over a blouse…

30 – Wear a belt

Wear a belt, but not to hold your pants in place: over a dress, for example.

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Photo credits: Unless otherwise stated, all illustration images are from Pixabay.com

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